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Series Recommendation #3: Eden of the East ~

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 9, 2011, 5:11 PM
I know that no one ever even glances at these recommendation journals, let alone reads them, but I am going to keep writing them anyways...
Today I am recommending Eden of the East. This is a great anime series. It's very short, but the story is very unique and interesting. The artwork is very pretty as well. The series is full of fascinating and quirky characters that you can't help but fall in love with.

:star: Eden of the East :star:
AKA Higashi no Eden

By Kenji Kamiyama

The series itself is rather short, but there are two follow-up movies that continue the story.
Eden of the East (11 episodes)
1st Movie- The King of Eden (Set a little while after the end of the series)
2nd Movie- Paradise Lose (Starts where the first movie left off)
Format: Anime

Where to find it: For those of you who have Netflix accounts and are alright with English Dub (It's dubbed by Funimation!), then you can find the complete series AND the first movie for free instant streaming on Netflix. The second movie is not on Netflix so you will have to find it online somewhere else.
For those of you who don't have Netflix, check around the internet, you'll find it streaming somewhere... Oh, the magic of Google.

Genre: Action/Adventure, maybe a tiny bit SciFi... And an even tinier sprinkle of Romance.

STORY: A Japanese girl named Saki is on a trip to America. She is standing in front of the White House attempting to throw a coin through the fence into the fountain on the front lawn. At this same time, a boy finds himself in front of the White House with no memories of who he is and no clothes (no, you can't see anything you perverts). He has nothing but a gun and a strange cell phone in his hands. This boy (who will soon choose to take the name 'Akira Takizawa') meets Saki in front of the White House. Saki gives him her jacket and they part ways. Soon after, she realizes that her passport was in the pocket of the jacket. She runs after Takizawa and after some talking (and Takizawa getting some clothes), they decide to go back to Japan together. But Takizawa is discovering some strange things about his phone. Using the phone, he can communicate with a woman who calls herself 'Juiz.' Juiz refers to Takizawa as 'number 9' and states that she will fulfill any if his requests using the large sum of money that he apparently has access to. She also mentions that is was Takizawa himself who chose to wipe his memories. It seems that Takizawa's past might be more complicated than he could have imagined. Where did all this money come from? Why did he wipe his memories? Who is Juiz and why does she keep calling him a 'savior?'

Why I like it: The story, the story, the STORY! The plot of Eden of the East is full of mysteries and suspense and twists and laughs and conspiracies and all those other spectacular elements that make stories awesome. This anime is so different from anything I've ever seen and I really love that about it.
Takizawa is a great protagonist because he's just inherently good. He has no memory of what he's done in the past, and for a while he seems to be convinced that he was formerly a terrorist, but he's really a just a deeply good person. He has a ton of power at his fingertips, but he uses it to try to make things better for people.
I like Saki a lot because she is really an awkward person. She is really unsure of herself. For that reason, she compliments the calm and confident Takizawa very well.  On the subject of characterization, I want to mention that I found the personalities of most of the characters in this show to be more realistic than those of most other animes that I've seen. A lot of anime characters out there have over-dramatized character traits and I didn't see much of that in this series.

WARNINGS: Things you might not like. I feel an obligation to do warn you.
The official rating on this series in America is TV MA meaning it was not meant for children under 17. It is up to you to decide whether that is an appropriate rating or not. In my opinion it might be a bit high. I watched it when I was 16 and was not scarred for life or anything, but some people are more sensitive to this kind of material so it is perfectly alright to have your concerns. Some more concerning things that appear in this anime are:

*Talk of (fictional) terrorists and (fictional) terrorist attacks on Japan
*Nudity (appropriately censored, but still there so...)
*Crude humor
*There are a few episodes devoted to a serial killer who kills her victims but cutting off their uhh... *ahem* necessary male parts...

So if I haven't scared you off yet, you should definitely check it out. I really enjoyed it. It's a short series so it won't take you that long to finish it.
Comment if you've watched this before, and if you have anything to add! Comment if you watched this BECAUSE of my recommendation! Comment if you just enjoy reading these! Or, always feel free to return the favor and recommend a series I might like!

Catch ya later!


Klaire Sprockett
United States
Honestly, to call me an artist would be a stretch... I'm just a dorkette who loves all sorts of geeky stuff. Anime, manga, comic books, video games, oh yes, I really need to get a life.

I draw a LOT of fanart actually but rarely post any of it. I also experiment with Flash from time to time.

Please drop me a note or comment sometime. I respond to all comments/notes/emails!


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